State of Web Animation Part I

A few months back I did a presentation for the Chicago Adobe Users Group that I co-manage. My presentation was one of two that evening. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the first speaker’s presentation was missing the screen share.

His name is Kelly McCormack, and his personal site can be found here.

His presentation was an overview which discussed the many options for modern (post flash player) animation on the web. I’ll be talking about many of these things in upcoming posts. (Things like CSS animation, transforms, transitions, GSAP, etc.)

My presentation was a quick introduction to the html <canvas> tag and particularly to the createjs library, as well as the use of Adobe Flash Pro to produce HTML/canvas based animations. Being that it was only an hour long, it is just a quick overview. I plan to put together a series of smaller, step by step examples for you to learn from.

Here’s the first video (from the AUG presentation).